Welcome. I am travel photographer from Dublin, Ireland. I specialise in urban, street and landscape photography. I also teach photography to individuals and groups. Visit learnphotography.ie to find information on the classes, workshops and photography club talks I offer. I am also the author of Outdoor Photography Essentials which is available as a Kindle e-book and print book from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

My photographs may be purchased in a variety of formats including: framed print, canvas print, metal print, acrylic print, wood print or poster print. All print orders are fulfilled by Fine Art America who offer a wide range of sizing and framing options. Worldwide delivery is available. Secure online payment is via PayPal. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any sales or other queries.

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Barry O Carroll I am a travel photographer from that hive of creativity, culture and craic that is Dublin, Ireland. Although I enjoy photographing my home city, I also love combining my love of travel and photography. There is little I enjoy more than exploring a new and unfamiliar location with my camera and tripod at the ready. I enjoy shooting streets scenes and landscapes in nature but my preference is for urban landscapes. My favourite time for taking photos is early in the morning when only the real weirdos .... I mean dedicated photographers are out. It is fantastic to have a city almost to yourself and it is you often the time of day you get the most interesting light.

I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to gear. I own a Canon 6d MkII camera body with a few lenses, a tripod, a few neutral density filters, spare batteries and a Black Rapid camera strap. All of this fits neatly inside a Think Tank Airport Essentials backpack. There is even room left over for a spare pair of underpants when I am travelling. I also have a compact Panasonic ZS100 that I keep on me pretty much all the time. You never know when a photographic opportunity will arise! It is also easier to hide from my wife. No photography today dear .... I promise. Enjoy the photos. Barry.

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