About: A Dubliner with a Camera

Barry O'Carroll - Travel Photographer
Yup. that’s me.

I am a travel photographer from that hive of creativity, culture and craic that is Dublin, Ireland. I love combining my love of travel and photography. I’m at my happiest when exploring a new and unfamiliar location with my camera at the ready. I also enjoy teaching photography and writing about my experiences travelling and taking photos.

My Interest in Photography

I’ve always enjoyed travel but only took up photography in 2005 during a trip to Andalusia where my good friend José taught me the basics with my little Olympus 3 megapixel camera. I don’t think my poor wife has ever forgiven him. Since then, I’ve spent years learning all I can about photography. I joined my local photography club to meet some fellow oddballs……. I mean photographers. I have since served as chairperson of the club, possibly as punishment for sins in a past life!

Reading the book “Waiting for the Light” by English photographer David Noton was a watershed moment in my photography education. His focus on the importance of waiting for the most interesting light completely changed my approach to my own photography. It also meant I had to start getting out of bed a lot earlier if I wanted to get decent shots. This does not come naturally to me. Most mornings I look like I need serious medical intervention to be woken up.

My Approach to Photography

Arch at St Mark's Square - Venice
Empty St Mark’s Square at Dawn

My preference is for urban landscapes. I love exploring new cities, towns and villages with my camera at the ready. Thankfully for me, photography and travel go together like Ryanair and excess travel charges. I also enjoy street photography and shooting landscapes in nature when I can.

My favourite time for taking photos is early in the morning when only the real weirdos….. I mean dedicated photographers are out. It’s fantastic to have a city almost to yourself at this time. There has been many a morning when I dragged myself out of the cosy sanctuary of my bed in the hope of capturing something special.

I once photographed St. Mark’s Square in Venice at 6am. There wasn’t another soul on this usually crowded piazza as you can see by this photograph taken through an archway. The evening blue hour is also a fantastic time for urban landscape photography as the ambient light fades and the city lights begin to come to life.

Photography Equipment

Photography Gear
I like to travel light.

One thing you won’t find in the blog section of this website is lots of long winded posts about photographic equipment. I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to gear. I own a Canon 6d MkII camera body with a few lenses, a tripod, a travel tripod, a few neutral density filters, spare batteries and a Black Rapid camera strap.All of this store neatly inside a Think Tank Airport Essentials backpack. There’s even room left over for a spare pair of underpants when I’m travelling (picture proof provided).

I also have Panasonic ZS100 that I keep in pocket pretty much all the time. You never know when a photographic opportunity will arise. The smaller camera is excellent for street photography too. It’s a lot more discreet and portable than a digital SLR. It’s also easier to hide from my eternally wonderful and patient wife. “No dear. No photography on this trip. I promise”.