Photography Lessons & Talks

I am available for individual or group photography lessons. I am a fully qualified teacher and have taught photography courses at venues all over Ireland as well as abroad via online sessions. I also give presentations to photography clubs and have been lucky enough to speak at several fantastic and welcoming photography clubs around Ireland. Lessons and talks can be delivered in person or online via Zoom. I have given online presentations to photography clubs in the UK and Canada. A price list for lessons can be found towards the end of the page.

Photography Lessons in Dublin, Ireland
Photography lessons and talks are available in person or online.

Photography Lessons

I generally offer 4 different themed photography lessons.

  • Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Using histograms.
  • Camera Settings: Metering modes, Colour Temperature and White Balance, Focus Modes, Focal Length and Drive Modes.
  • Composition: Techniques to create more pleasing and dynamic compositions in your photographs.
  • Light: Explore the different types of light and weather conditions we encounter as photographers and which types of photography work in each one.
    These lessons can be booked individually or as a block. Bookings can be made by individuals, clubs or cultural institutions such as libraries. Prices depend on class numbers and number of lessons booked.

Photography Talks for Clubs

My 2 most popular presentations for photography clubs are:


A slideshow presentation of 25 ideas to improve photographic composition and create photographs with greater visual impact.

Light and Weather Conditions

A slideshow presentation that examines the different types of light and weather conditions we encounter as photographers on any given day eg. golden hour, blue hour, overcast, dawn, dusk, mist, rain. In this talk I discuss the most interesting and attractive types of light for photography. I also demonstrate what type of photography works well in each type of light discussed.

Online Photography Lessons & Talks

The photography lessons and talks detailed above are available in online format using Zoom. I have already adapted and delivered all of the lessons described above in an online format. All participants require is a laptop or tablet with the Zoom software installed and good WiFi. Online lessons or talks can be booked by individuals, clubs or libraries.

If you are interested in booking any of the photography lessons and talks listed above, please contact me using the contact form or via the email address at the bottom of the page.


Individuals and Small Groups

1 x 90 minute Lesson: €50
2 x 90 minute lessons: €90
3 x 90 minute lessons: €130
4 x 90 minute lessons: €160

€20 extra per extra person per lesson (max. 6 people)

** Includes reading materials in PDF format.
** Same rate for online and in-person classes

Larger groups up to 20 – Libraries etc.

Full 4 lesson course (6 hours total). This can delivered in various formats either in person or online:

  • 4 separate classes
  • 2 x half day course
  • single full day course.


** Includes reading materials in PDF format.

Please get in touch using the contact form or by the email address below if you are interested in individual, group or online photography lessons or you you like me to give a presentation to your photography club. I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements and confirm dates.

You can also send an email directly to: